Full Menu Hours:  Sunday 11:30a-10p|  Mon-Thur 5p-10p | Fri-Sat 11:30a-11p

Bar Hours: Sun 11:30a-10p | Mon-Thur 5p-12a  |  Fri-Sat 11:30a-2a

Fodder: raw material as for artistic creation

Moonshine: informal foolish talk or thought; nonsense

We are a Southern Public House, celebrating the food and drink ways of the South; a communal place for all to gather.

We make everything in house; by hand, from the pie crust to the fresh squeezed juices for our cocktails. Please, stay a bit and enjoy. 

Chef Greg + New South Supper

Recently, Chef Greg traveled to Cartersville, Georgia for the New South Family Supper. The annual event, hosted by Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison, benefits the Southern Foodways Alliance, an organization that documents, studies, and celebrates the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. This year's dinner celebrated the “heart of the house,” the unsung heroes of the service industry. Head to Southern Foodways Alliance's blog to relive the night's amazing talent and delicious food!

SFA New South Family Supper